ADvice & ADvisors Launches New Review

NEW YORK – Riding revenue growth and reporting a 50 percent increase in first-quarter sales, ESC Medical Systems, a marketer of cosmetic medical procedure products, has put its estimated $12 million ad account in review.
Alan Krinsky, of New York-based search consultant ADvice & ADvisors, confirmed the review but would not elaborate on details.
Sources said ESC in Needham, Mass., is looking for a full-service agency to handle creative, interactive, and print media planning and buying duties. The client has not determined how to handle the broadcast media assignment, sources said.
There is no incumbent agency, although the client has worked in the past with several undisclosed Boston shops on a project basis, sources said.
The new agency, which sources said will be selected from a pool of shops from Boston to Washington, will develop campaigns for three ESC brands: EpiLight, a hair removal system; Silhouette, a cellulite reduction product; and PhotoDerm, which treats benign lesions and tattoos. Although ads will target women, the products can only be used by doctors. The client, therefore, is hoping to create demand from patients.
The A&A questionnaire also indicates the agency will also have the opportunity to launch new products down the road, sources said. Questionnaires are due back with the client June 1.
The review will include strategy and creative concepts. It has not been determined if speculative creative work will be required, sources said. A decision is expected in late summer.
The public company, started in 1994 in Israel, has grown in large part through acquisitions such as Luxar, which had marketed Silhouette. In December, ESC also announced the purchase of Applied Optronics Corp.