Advertising’s New Wrap Star

A new wolf will soon be on the prowl in Chicago.
The snarling wolf’s face is part of advertising for Internet provider and Web site developer InterAccess that will be wrapped around local retail delivery trucks.
Lynn O’Shea, president of Ampersand Fleet Graphics, the Chicago agency that arranges for the truck-wrap advertising, calls such ad placement “ambient media.” It is part of the “everyday” world without being as intrusive as bus or train wrap ads, which some consumer groups oppose. It gets noticed, then passes by.
Ampersand has contracts with four fleet delivery companies–operating more than 500 trucks–and has done truck-wrap ads for Baskin-Robbins, Chock Full O’ Nuts and others.
The wolf graphic has been used in InterAccess’ print advertising, handled by Keith Bates Associates.
The truck ads, however, will direct curbside viewers to a special Internet address, allowing the company to track responses to Ampersand’s ambient media.
–Scott Hume