He taught us how to get at the heart of a brand and the right side of the consumer. And he taught us the lost art of advertising, which is to sell.
–Phil Dusenberry

He built a brand with big, strong, powerful roots which has withstood the test of time.
–Peter Georgescu

He had the experience. He knew about situations; he knew about life; he knew about hard work; and he knew about persuasion. –Ed Ney

He approached advertising as a business. He brought discipline to an undisciplined business.
–Ed Eskandarian

A charming man, somewhat eccentric. A real gentleman.
–Elliott Erwitt

What he will continue to expect is for his agency and our group to be the finest in the business–truly gentlemen and gentlewomen with brains.
–Martin Sorrell

I think his influence wasn’t always healthy because he had people believing things were rules when they were just observations But he was a great manager of ad agencies, and a lot of us learned how to run our agencies from him.
–Mike Hughes

He will be the last advertising man whose death will be marked on the front page of The New York Times. That’s it folks, everybody else gets the back page.
–Jerry Della Femina