Adventure and Danger Are Brewing in Droga5 London’s Work for Belstaff

'Here Be Dragons' is Droga5's first campaign for the clothing brand

If you're wearing Belstaff, get ready to set off on a great, potentially dangerous, next adventure.

The clothing brand released new print creative from Droga5 London, the agency's first work for Belstaff after winning the business in November 2015. Droga5's work kicks off the "Here Be Dragons" campaign, aimed at capturing the adventurous spirit of Belstaff and the people who wear it. It's also designed to show how Belstaff's clothing can protect the wearer in any type of situation, even when navigating new terrain.

"Our latest campaign is as true to the Belstaff brand today as it always has been and aims to inspire audiences to go beyond their boundaries in the knowledge they are accompanied and protected in iconic style by their trusted Belstaff," Gavin Haif, Belstaff CEO, said in a statement.

Photographer Christian Weber shot the work, which features up-and-coming Serbian model Mijo Mihaljcic and a previously retired and famed model Mark Vanderloo, in a location that is meant to look far away and difficult to reach, tying into the "Here Be Dragons" theme. Years ago when parts of the world were still uncharted, dragons would be placed on maps to identify unexplored, and potentially dangerous, parts of the world to scare people away from these locations. Instead, adventure seekers set out to explore these places.

That sentiment is captured in the print work by showing a man and woman overcoming fears and boundaries to discover something new and exciting. (Though we might not advise suiting up in Belstaff and cliff jumping as the models do here. But whatever floats your boat.)

"Belstaff has a long and rich history of creating clothes designed for the more adventurous amongst us, yet today the world is all discovered, all knowing—the boundaries we once strived to push past no longer hold such esteem. We can go online and travel to any place on the planet without having to leave the comfort of our chair," David Kolbusz, CCO, Droga5 London, said in a statement. "The campaign we've created reimagines what Belstaff and Britain have been historically known for—tough, adventurous souls that will seek out the uncharted and refuse to settle for the mundane."






Client: Belstaff
Campaign title: Here Be Dragons  
Chief Executive Officer: Gavin Haig
Global Marketing Director: Melanie Hutcheon
Agency: Droga5 London
Chief Creative Officer: David Kolbusz
Executive Creative Director: Rick Dodds
Executive Creative Director: Steve Howell
Art Director: Steve Paskin
Producer: Monika Andexlinger
Account Director: Josie Robinson
Head of Strategy: Toto Ellis
Strategist: Damian McKeown
Head of Client Service: Amy Garrett
Designer: Chris Chapman

Photography Agency: We Folk 
Agent: Olivia Gideon-Thomson 
Photographer: Christian Weber

Stylist Agency: CLM Worldwide
Stylist: Tom Guinness

Hair Stylist Agency: CLM Worldwide
Hair Stylist: Roxy Attard

Makeup Artist Agency: Streeters
Makeup Artist: Laura Dominique

Male Model: Mark Vanderloo
Female Model: Mijo Mihaljcic 

Production Company: We Folk
Producer: Sam Rudd         
Post Production (Retouching): Notion London 
Retoucher: Linn Svensson