ADT’s Outdoor Displays Do It Digitally

LOS ANGELES Citing an impending “cultural and creative change in the outdoor ad industry,” Advance Display Technologies this week introduces its latest video display systems, the firm’s chief executive officer said.

“It’s a pretty simple concept,” said CEO and president Matthew Shankle. ADT is “a one-stop shop for video solutions for out-of-home advertising.”

The Centennial, Colo.-based corporation has developed three new outdoor display options, he explained, each of which feature digital, full-color moving images. UltraNet LED, designed for large-format advertisements, displays video “that can be as big as a building, stretched flat or wrapped around objects,” Shankle said. FiberVision, created for transit stops, phone booths and other “street furniture,” is a fiber optic display that can be “easily updated via computer link.” And PM Video “replaces static images with dynamic LED video images.”

Billboards, building signage and “street furniture” ads are more important campaign components than ever before, Shankle said. Ads running online and on TV are easily “zappable,” he said. “With a click of a mouse or remote, the ads are gone.” But with its “eye-catching, commanding presence, outdoor is in your face—you can’t turn it off.”

In addition, ADT’s “changeable-message display lends itself to a whole new dimension” in outdoor creative, he said, allowing clients to take advantage of day-part traffic swings and breaking news. According to Shankle, the technology is ideal for marketers including movie studios and lotteries.

Shankle said ADT would team with out-of-home media providers such as Clear Channel and Viacom to “offer what works best for each location.” The company, which plans to expand its offerings, would like to eventually work directly with agencies and marketers on strategic and creative approaches to using its tools, he said.

ADT begins its new product rollout in the United States and Europe in early 2006.