Ads with bite

Dr. Bob Schmidt’s dental office is near the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, which makes the huge student population there an obvious target. So the creatives at Ron Foth Advertising dubbed Schmidt “The Rock and Roll Dentist” in handbills that were posted on poles and boards around the campus.

“We wanted to come up with something that shows he’s outside the mold of the normal dentist, so to speak,” said David Henthorne, a senior vice president and creative director at the Columbus agency.

Henthorne knows Schmidt through an oldcollege classmate and tries to convey that visiting him is not like a normal trip to the dentist. “Other dentists play Muzak,” reads one poster. “Like a root canal isn’t painful enough.”

“Incoherent mumbling, heavy sedation, cavity searches,” reads another. “Who says dentists have nothing in common with rock stars?”

The posters include a logo that depicts a mouth and a set of teeth as the body of an electric guitar.

The teeth are gnashing, the agency notes, “yet perfectly aligned.”