ADC Folds I-Jury Into Ad, Design Categories

NEW YORK The Art Directors Club is folding its Interactive competition into the general categories of Advertising and Design for its 87th annual awards in an attempt to mirror the way advertising is practiced, said Ami Brophy, executive director of the organization.

Two interactive creatives, Jason McCann (pictured), cd at independent Taxi, New York, and Hillman Curtis, cco of hillmancurtis, New York, will act as the foremen for interactive under the general categories Advertising and Design.

“Their job is to make sure the interactive work is properly understood and viewed,” said Brophy. “We’re emulating the broader trend in the industry, where you have all kinds of creatives working together to solve business problems and create business communications.”

Each jury will be comprised of 21 members, with a third chosen for their knowledge of the interactive world.

Nancy Vonk, CCO of Ogilvy & Mather in Toronto, will chair the Advertising jury. Vonk is one of the creatives behind Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty.” Dove’s “Evolution” won the Grand Prix Cyber Lion at this year’s Cannes festival. Its latest Internet spot is called “Onslaught.”

Dana Arnett, CCO at VSA Partners, a Chicago-based design firm, will chair the Design jury. The shop has worked on branding and design assignments for companies such as Harley-Davidson, IBM, General Electric, Kodak, Coca-Cola, Converse and Time Warner.

“Nancy’s work on the ‘Real Beauty’ campaign represents a true intersection of traditional broadcast ad techniques with an innovative use of interactive media. It reflects the new structure of our awards’ categories and judging process,” said Brophy. “Dana has been involved in elevating the design and branding process to the highest levels of corporate management by inspiring CEOs and senior executives to leverage design’s unique ability to differentiate companies and brands.”

The club will begin accepting entries on Oct. 22; the deadline is Jan. 18, 2008.