Adamson Keeps Healthcare Personal

CHICAGO St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Systems attempts to show how it understands people’s needs to get back to their daily lives after a health issue in a new television spot from Adamson Advertising.

The spot from the St. Louis independent agency eschews shots of patients meeting with doctors and images of advanced equipment in favor of depicting how one man can return to work. The ad shows a man, Ted, going through his morning routine and going to work. It’s only when a co-worker says, “It’s good to have you back,” that it’s apparent he was gone for an extended absence. The tagline: “Live more.”

“Our research confirmed that when it comes to healthcare, people just want to get back to normal,” said David Gutting, director of account management at the agency, in a statement. “What matters to them are the small, everyday aspects of their lives.”

The spot will run in Houston, where the hospital system is based, through the end of the year.

Spending was not disclosed. St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System spent just over $1 million on advertising in 2004, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.