Ad of the Day: Volkswagen

Caught in a duel for a parking spot? You'll want to be the guy in the VW Tiguan

Cool new things sometimes don't get the advertising they deserve. A nifty innovation's nifty innovativeness is enough, the thinking often goes—just show the thing in action, and let the viewer feel quietly impressed. Sometimes this is wise, especially if the newfangled thing is complicated or multi-faceted. (Think of the first iPhone spots.) But as DDB Argentina shows in this new Volkswagen Tiguan spot, some new technologies can benefit wonderfully from being part of a fun, inspired and unexpected little story.

The technology here is park assist—the ingenious little space-agey auto feature that somehow enables cars to park themselves. We've seen park assist advertised in plenty of car commercials, usually boringly, as we simply watch the car do its thing. Which is fine, but here, park assist finally gets a nice little narrative around it, featuring a great twist on a familiar advertising trope—the battle over a parking spot.

Even the Roomba had to eventually break down and get more creative with its ads. It's nice to see park assist do the same.

Client: Volkswagen
Agency: DDB, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Hernán Jáuregui, Pablo Batlle
Creative Directors: Fernando Tchechenistky, Lisandro Grandal
Art Director: Agustin Ballerio
Copywriter: Francisco Gigy Traynor
Production: Claudio Migliardo
Account Director: Graciela Combal
Client: Martin Sorrondegui
Client: Manuel Gonzalez Quesnel
Production House: Landia
Director: Luciano Podcaminsky
Creative Assistant: Agustin Carbonere
AD: Lorena Contardo
EP: Claudio Amoedo
Producer: Laureana Ferrucci
Production Manager: Luciano Anz
Art Director: Daniela Podcaminsky
Wardrobe: Ange Partal
DP: Christian Cottet
Postproduction: Che Revolution Post
Editing: Landia
Editor: Diego Panich
Post Sound: La Casa Post Sound