Ad of the Day: Stove Top

Eating stuffing on days other than Thanksgiving? This disgruntled Pilgrim just isn't OK with that

It's time to ignore the fact that Passover and Easter are coming up this weekend and focus on the truly important holiday-related issue at hand: Apparently, people are eating stuffing on days other than Thanksgiving! That might not scream "crisis" to you, but according to Stove Top's new ad campaign, it's resulting in a lot of irritated Pilgrim patriarchs.

See, the buckle-wearing settlers have become a pretty modern bunch. "I'm a freewheelin' guy! I tweet!" explains Stove Top's spokes-Pilgrim. But eating stuffing on any old day of the year, it seems, is taking things a step too far. It also doesn't help that the Pilgrim families aren't being supportive. In another spot, Mr. Pilgrim reveals that Mrs. Pilgrim had the audacity to make meatloaf using Stove Top stuffing for dinner one night. Being the sensitive, forward-thinking guy that he is, he can admit that it really upset him. ("You know, we're arguing about the kids having smallpox, but what we're really talking about is Stove Top stuffing," he says. "Am I trying to deal with it? Yeah.") The younger pilgrims are just as oblivious, with one teen going so far as to ask why he can't have Stove Top with tacos. The horror!

It's a cute take on the old "backwards dad" theme, which is especially effective when that dad is a disgruntled, Twitter-savvy historical figure. The goofy anachronism is bound to get some laughs whether you're a Stove Top stuffing fan or not (and, frankly, the idea of "stuffing meatloaf" is making me a bit ill).

Client: Kraft's Stove Top
Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.
Chief Creative Officer: John Norman
Creative Director: Andy Azula
Copywriter: Bob Meagher
Art Director: Pat Wittich
Strategic Planner: Melissa Cabral
Account Supervisor: Brad Higdon
Agency Broadcast Producer: Brad Powell
Agency Assistant Producer: Maggie Shifflett
Production Company: Caviar Los Angeles, CA
Director: Table Top: Steve Moses / Live Action: Matt & Oz
Director of Photography: Table Top: Steve Moses / Live Action: Kevin Atkinson
Executive Producer: Table Top: Tom Weissferdt / Live Action: Jasper Thomlinson
Producer: Table Top & Live Action: Nate Young
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Telecine: Co3, Tom Poole
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