Ad of the Day: The Slowskys Are Back, and This Time They Mean Business

Comcast's turtles leave the house

The Slowskys are back!

Wait—who are the Slowskys, you ask? They're Bill and Karolyn, the animatronic turtle couple who've been popping up in Comcast Internet ads since way back in 2006. That's when they first began arguing against Comcast's way-too-fast broadband in favor of super-slow DSL service. Because, you know, they're turtles, and turtles are slow, and so they prefer a slower Internet connection.

Seven years (and one much-maligned "Xfinity" rebranding) later, the Slowskys are starring in two new spots from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in New York. (They originated at the agency's San Francisco office.) And this time, they're small-business owners.

Yes, the Slowskys, who are turtles, have opened their own restaurant, which they've creatively named Slowsky's, and unsurprisingly, they're still holding on to their old DSL service. Their nephew Kevin, who works at the restaurant, and who is also, inexplicably, a teenage human being, has been trying to get them to upgrade to Comcast Business Internet. But Bill and Karolyn aren't having it. It's up to five times faster than DSL, which is just way too fast for the Slowskys, who would rather spend their free time waiting for files to download. "Fast. It's not for everyone," says the tagline.

The idea might seem a bit played-out, but apparently it's remained popular enough with Comcast customers and TV audiences to warrant being resurrected every few years. (The last Slowskys campaign was in 2011, and the one before that in 2009.) And if you still can't wrap your head around why the concept of animatronic turtles talking about being slow was ever appealing, consider this: The original Slowskys campaign won an Effie award in 2007. So there you go.

Client: Comcast Business
Spots: Slowskys "Intro" and "Busy"

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners New York

Executive Creative Director/Partner: Christian Haas
Senior Copywriter: Scott Hayes
Art Director: Christine Gignac

Executive Producer: Tod Puckett
Senior Producer: Jim Vaughan
Animator: Mike Landry
Post-Production Producer: John Dutton

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Guy Shelmerdine
Director of Photography: Brian Newman
Executive producer: Laura Thoel
Line Producer: Drew Santarsiero
Animatronics/FX: Legacy FX

Post VFX: Brickyard VFX
VFX Supervisor: Mandy Sorenson
Producer: Linda Jackson

Editing House: HutchCo
Editor: Jim Hutchins
Producer: Jane Hutchins

Music House: Tone Farmer
Producer: Liz Higgins
Sound Engineer: Tom Love
Sound Designer: Tom Love
Audio Mix: Rumble Strip
Mixer: Tom Love

Account Services
Group Account Director: Nancy Reyes
Account Director: Kelly Donahue
Account Manager: Jane Jun

Brand and Communication Strategy
Director of Brand Strategy: Tom Morton

Business Affairs
Business Affairs Manager: Kacey Kelley