Ad of the Day: This Rube Goldberg Device Promotes a Video Game by Bringing It to Life

Another creation from OK Go's collaborator

While always interesting to watch, intricate Rube Goldberg devices in ads rarely seem connected to the products they're supposedly selling. But this is quite the exception.

Brett Doar, the man behind OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass" video and GoldieBlox's Princess Machine among many others, now brings his oddly specific talents to bear for a mobile game called Leo's Fortune.

The spot's leisurely pace gives you time to appreciate the subtle details of Doar's design, which was created to match the actual gameplay. Titular, spherical protagonist Leopold works his way through a linear environment with fun video game flourishes like the occasional showering of coins. 

Admittedly, such elaborate contraptions are in danger of wearing out their welcome. But it's hard not to appreciate this level of craft, especially when it (for once) is so perfectly tied to the product.

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