Ad of the Day: Netflix Urges You to ‘Binge for Love’ in Romantic Valentine’s Day Ad

The way to her heart? It's through her favorite show

We've already seen the Netflix data that says young people use their favorite shows and movies as guide posts for compatibility when looking for a partner. And here's a new Netflix commercial that reinforces the idea that people who like the same shows are (probably) meant for each other.

And if you don't like the same show? Well, just fake it.

The spot, directed by Jonathan Entwistle, is nicely set to a reworked version of the Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)." Here it's suggested you gorge on 500 hours of Netflix programming if you want to truly impress your would-be date. (This particular woman is into Orange Is the New Black, though, of which much less than 500 hours has been made—so our hero might have to learn some of her other treasured Netflix titles, too.)

The ad also references plot spoiling, a thorny issue that Netflix has used in its ads before—and is actually turning from a potential liability into something of a strength, or at least a running gag.

Client: Netflix
Production Company: Stink
Director: Jonathan Entwistle
Producer: Jill Sartore
EP: James Cunningham
Managing Director: Jeff Baron
Director of Photography: Justin Brown
Editor: Jane Moran
Music: Ben Kweller
Grade: Aubrey Woodiwiss @ ETC LA
Sound: Jeff Malen @ Lime