Ad of the Day: Museum of Glass

Seattle agency Creature gets in a destructive mood for client's 10th anniversary

Shattering glass through sound waves alone is one of the more fascinating scientific party tricks. But when do you ever get to see it happen? Or better yet, make it happen? Seattle agency Creature brought the enjoyably destructive phenomenon to the masses recently through a great little event, beautiful promo spot, and funky invention (museum worthy in its own right)—all part of a 10th anniversary rebranding campaign for the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Wash.

Instead of showing glass formed into art—the museum's stock in trade—the agency wanted to explore the destruction of glass as an art form. It organized a concert, held last Friday, where bands and audience members could shatter glass with sound waves. The agency built two "Shatterboxes," one large and one small. The audience was encouraged to interact with the large one, using controls mounted on the outside—like a video game at an arcade—to manipulate sound waves and break wine glasses. The small one was mounted on stage, where the bands would attempt the same.

Promotion for the event included mobile demonstrations of the Shatterbox, posters and a gorgeous TV spot, shot at 5,000 frames per second, showing sound waves violently shattering a glass. Check out the TV spot and images from the campaign below, including the museum's new logo.

Client: Museum of Glass
Agency: Creature, Seattle
Executive Creative Directors: Jim Haven, Matt Peterson
Creative Directors: Steve Cullen, Hemant Anant Jain
Art Director: Shawn Diaz
Senior Designer: Brian Bosworth
Project Manager: Amanda Rudolph
Executive Producer: Dax Extorninos
Digital Producer: Brandon Waterman
Videographer: Britt Neufer
Production Designer: Tom Eibling
Film Production: Will Hyde, Superfad
Audio: Scott Weiss, Pure Audio
Fabrication: Jack Hodge, Alarming Pictures