Ad of the Day: Kiefer Sutherland Sells It in Noir for Jose Cuervo

Drink tequila, get a tattoo, play the pipa

Kiefer Sutherland has some advice for you.

It's odd to see a Cuervo spot like this tight, minute-long McCann commercial noiring it up—that always seems like a whiskey thing to me, although I suppose tequila is also good straight. (Still makes me think of margaritas, though.) Anyway, Sutherland is one of those totally magnetic actors who can sell basically anything, so he's asked to do just that here. He gets a cool tattoo, trims a bonsai tree, plays the pipa for baffled bus passengers (and one fan) and gets into a really ill-advised fight. Interestingly, Sutherland's character seems to be the only guy in this spot who speaks English, and a surprising amount of it seems to take place in Asia for some reason. I like to imagine that he's blacking out and waking up in strange places, and his confidence is entirely alcohol-fueled.

"Just don't have any regrets," he tells us at the end of the spot. Sure, but I'd also like to drink, so one of those options is going to have to go.

Good moments here: the slo-mo shattering of the vase against the wall as Sutherland ducks; the costumes throughout, especially the undone bow tie in the walking-away-from-the-fight moment; and the cool, understated music throughout. The lighting here is very David Fincher, for some reason—everything is lit from above, which makes for some funny contrasts, like when Sutherland makes a music-playing face on the bus—and the tone of the ad is actually kind of menacing. The shot of the eager fighter shrugging disbelievingly could have come straight out of Fight Club.

Also, is it me or does he appear to be stealing a suitcase full of roller skates at the beginning?

Agency: McCann, New York
Client: Proximo Spirits
Product: Jose Cuervo Especial
Chief Creative Officers: Tom Murphy, Sean Bryan
Group Creative Director: Mat Bisher
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Vi Luong
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Colin Ilsley
Senior Producer: Jessica Coccaro
Design Director: Brad Blondes
Designer: Ledi Lalaj
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Dante Ariola
Editing: Peep Show
Editor: Andrea MacArthur
Executive Music Producer: Peter Gannon
Assistant Music Producer: Mike Ladman
Music: Future Perfect
Sound Mix: Cory Melious, Heard City
Vice President, Senior Art Producer: Wendy Leahy
Photographer: Mark Seliger
Director of Photography: Philippe Le Sourd
Production Designer: Julian LaVerdiere