Ad of the Day: Guys Would Look a Lot Less Perverted If They Just Had Better Underwear

Tommy John captures decades of crotch creep

Adjusting the packaging around your frank and beans is a timeless annoyance for men, some of whom handle the process subtly … while others don't.

Underwear brand Tommy John and agency Preacher capture this daily plight of genital juggling with a fun spot spanning multiple decades. Men attempt to shift their undies in public or in the workplace, with predictably poor results (especially for the TV weatherman).

Sure, public discomfort isn't the most original idea for an underwear ad, but the sheer breadth of scenarios dreamed up for the spot makes it worth a watch and a few good laughs. Also, it's hard to imagine a better tagline than, "When you're uncomfortable, we're all uncomfortable."


Client: Tommy John
Agency: Preacher
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Baird
Copywriter: Joe Hartley
Art Directors: Taryn Kealani / Eric Pieper
Agency Producers: Stacey Higgins / Shannon Worley
Chief Executive Officer: Krystle Loyland
Chief Strategy Officer: Seth Gaffney
Strategist: Carson Mobley
Business Affairs: Susan Conklin

Tommy John
Chief Executive Officer, Founder: Tom Patterson
Head of Brand: Josh Dean
Vice President of Ecommerce: Matt Kritzer
Social Media Director: Monica Fineis

Production Company: Smuggler
Partners: Patrick Milling Smith / Brian Carmody
Head of Production: Andrew Colon
Executive Producer: Allison Kunzman
Director: Guy Shelmerdine
Shoot Line Producers: Grace Bodie, Prague / Terry Gallagher, U.S.
Director of Photography (Live Action): Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Director of Photography (Product Shot): Todd Hickey
Edit House: Stitch
Executive Producer: Mila Davis
Editor: Andy McGraw
Assistant Editor: Weston Cadwell
Music: "Angst in My Pants" by Sparks
Music Supervisor: Gregory Roberts
Mix: Dave Wagg, Lime
Assistant Sound Engineer: Adam Primack
Sound Design: Dave Wagg, Lime
Finish House: Bond VFX
Senior Executive Producer: Marguerite Olivelle
Senior Flame Artist: Mitch Gardiner
Flame Assist: George Olivo
Colorist: Mark Gethin, MPC