Ad of the Day: Guinness

Brewer takes no chances in getting blokes to the pub on St. Patrick's Day

Do men of a certain ilk need to be convinced to visit the pub and imbibe prodigious amounts of alcohol on St. Patrick's Day? Not in my experience. However, Guinness probably figures it shouldn't take any chances. So, it has rolled out this wonderful spot in Britain just in time for the celebrated Irish holiday/booze fest this Saturday. And it sure treats men like the imbecilic sheep they are.

The spot, from AMV BBDO in London, features the impressive exploits of Roy, a border-collie sheepdog trained by one Gareth Longrass. Only instead of herding sheep, he's charged with rounding up a pack of would-be Guinness drinkers—who, for one reason or another, might be led astray and never make it to the pub at all. (The living room couch and Indian food restaurants are both hazards, but the most significant danger of all seems to be one's significant other.) But Roy proves up to the challenge—and truly impresses the hilarious announcers who follow his every step.

Contrary to some opinions, men tend to enjoy being portrayed as morons in advertising—or at least in beer commercials. And this spot is an instant classic in that regard. The men-sheep's slack-jawed, unthinking shambling around the meadows is amusing beyond words—and the perfect low-budget look only adds to the comedy.

By the looks of them, these blokes probably can't tie their shoes on their own. So, maybe they do need some direction in regards to their beer intake as well.

Client: Guinness
Spot: "Round Up Your Mates"
Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, London
Creative Team: Ant Nelson, Mike Sutherland
Director: Kevin Thomas
Production Company: Thomas Thomas
Production Company Producer: Trent Simpson
Account Planners: Pete Zezulka, Tom White
Agency Producers: Lou Richardson, Paul Goodwin
Account Managers: Philip Raperport, Kate Edwards, Crispin Butler
Editor: Scott Crane
Editing Company: The Quarry
Postproduction: The Mill
Audio Postproduction: Wave
Advertising Manager: Nick Britton
Media Planner: Erik Arnell