Ad of the Day: The Drunk Valet

Bar patrons ambushed in Ogilvy's drunk-driving stunt

Ogilvy Brazil keeps coming up with clever and innovative ways to encourage people not to drink and drive. Last year, the agency installed a funky machine at Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz that spit out wildly inflated bar tabs, charging people up to $73,000 for the booze they had just sucked down. Upon closer examination, the bills featured an itemized list of medical costs associated with a drunk-driving accident. Now, working with the same client, Ogilvy came up with the idea of the drunken valet. When patrons would arrive for the evening, the guy would approach—clearly tipsy, having been indulging in shots by the side of the road—and offer to park their car. Almost everyone refused. The valet would then hand the driver a note that read: "Never let a drunk driver take your car. Even if that driver is you." Sure, it's gimmicky, but it beats all the bloods and guts and shock tactics that are the category's stock in trade. Case study and full credits below.

Client: Bar Aurora & Boteco Ferraz
Agency: Ogilvy Brasil
Title: "Drunk Valet"
Executive Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Creative Director: Rubens Filho
Art Directors: Paula Fernandes / Lucas Osis / Raina Rocha
Copywriters: Beto Cocito / Pedro Fernandes / Flavio Tamashiro
Account: Valeria Barone / Camila Porto
Head of Production: Nana Bittencourt
Production Company:  Hungry Man
Director: Carlão Busato
Executive Producer: Alex Mehedff / Renata Dumont
Director of Photography: Russo Loyola
Editor: Andrea Machado / Lucas Aires
Post Production: Hungry Man
Post Producer: Rodrigo Oliveira
Cast: Celso Melez
Audio: Jamute Audio
Soundtrack Production: James Pedrozo/Cesar Mattos/Eliezer Borges/Sanjai Cardoso
Soundtrack Creative: James Pedrozo/Cesar Mattos