Ad of the Day: BMW

A car plays a bullet in gorgeous spot for 'the world's fastest sedan'

The new BMW M5 isn’t just really fast—it's pretty, too.

In “Bullet,” a new two-minute ad from agency Cundari BMW Canada, the new model is touted as the world’s fastest sedan. The concept is simple: The car revs its engines in a long tunnel—constructed to look like the barrel of a gun—before shooting out into the desert, shattering a series of giant props including a glass apple, water balloons and a bull's-eye, in slow-motion “bullet time.”

The brand calls it “High Performance Art” because it wouldn’t be advertising without a pun. It feels more like car porn. Still, as that genre goes, it’s pretty good—gorgeously shot and engaging enough, especially for a long-form spot sans copy. The landscape—Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway—serves as a stunning backdrop, and the deliberately “delicate” classical music, Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5, works nicely as a contrast for a revving engine and screeching tires, alluding to the car’s luxury sheen as well as its power.

That said, it’s a lot less insanely badass than some of the agency’s previous work for the M series.

Client: BMW Canada
Agency: Cundari, Toronto
Marketing Director: Kevin Marcott
Brand Communications Manager: Marc Belcourt
Brand Communications Specialist: Marianne MacNeil
Chief Creative Officer: Brent Choi
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Raul Garcia
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Brian Murray
Producer: Sumit Ajwani (Meru)
Group Account Director: Natasha Wookey
Account Director: Katie Lynn
Account Supervisor: Ranjan Gill
Digital Strategy: Todd Hummel, Caitlin McDonald
Production House: Big Block
Director, Director of Photography: Mark Glaser
Managing Director: Kenny Solomon
Executive Producer: Pete King
Producer: Kay Rough
Supervisor: Glenn Bennett
Production Manager:  Kristen Zaik
Coordinator: Cindy Chapman
Big Block Studio Team: Tom Connors, Rob Glazer, Ilya Astrakhan, Nick Poznick
Music, Sound Design: Silent Joe West
Creative Director: Roger Harris
Producer: Trevor Allan
Sound Design: Jo Rossi, Tony Gort
Music: Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 5
Media: Media Experts
Media Strategy, Planning: Karel Wegert, Kris Davis