Ad of the Day: Artists Recreate Great Lost Works Entirely With Adobe’s Stock Images

Another fine-art project joins growing trend

From Van Gogh BnB to The Next Rembrandt, advertisers have been obsessed with the great masters of fine art lately. Now, Adobe adds to that trend with Make a Masterpiece—a campaign in which it got four digital artists from its Behance artist community to re-create lost, stolen or destroyed art using only Adobe Stock photography. 

Goodby Silverstein & Partners created the campaign. The artist pairings are Karla Cordova (Ecuador) and Frida Kahlo's The Wounded Table; Jean-Charles Debroize (France) and Caravaggio's Saint Matthew and the Angel; Mike Campau (U.S.) and Karl Friedrich Schinkel's Cathedral Towering Over a Town; and Ankur Patar (India) and Rembrandt van Rijn's The Storm on the Sea of Galilee. 

The spot below shows Patar working to rebuild the Rembrandt painting. The results are pretty remarkable—memorably making the point that Adobe Stock inside Creative Cloud provides everything creators need to make a masterpiece. 

"I approached the re-creation the same way Rembrandt would have, starting with the sky and working forward from there," says Patar, who used 236 stock images in his re-creation. "This is a dream project for me, and I hope it inspires other artists with the possibilities of Adobe Stock." 

"No one can truly replace these lost paintings. But by faithfully re-creating them with Adobe Stock, we can remember them again and reshape what the world thinks about stock photography in the process," says GSP associate partner and creative director Will Elliott.

The "Make a Masterpiece" experience is housed at and features the finished masterpieces, time-lapse videos showing the finished pieces coming together, bios and backgrounds of the four artists, and several "how to" tutorials. In time the site will grow to include more re-created masterpieces.

Check out the website for more about all four pieces.

Client: Adobe Systems
Title of Creative Work: Make a Masterpiece

Ad Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Co-Chairmen: Rich Silverstein and Jeff Goodby
Executive Creative Director: Margaret Johnson
Creative Director: Will Elliott
Creative Director: Patrick Knowlton
Art Director: Bennett Austin
Copywriter: Jordan Dodson

Director of Broadcast Production: Tod Puckett
Director of Interactive Production: Margaret Brett-Kearns
Director of Graphic Services: Jim King
Interactive Producer: Severin Sauliere

Account Services
Managing Partner: Robert Riccardi
Account Director: Theo Abel
Account Manager: Molly Navalinski
Assistant Account Manager: Aliza Niewood

Brand and Communication Strategy
Director of Brand Strategy: Bonnie Wan
Brand Strategist: Etienne Ma
Communication Strategy Deputy Director: Dong Kim
Senior Communication Strategist: Caitlin Neelon
Communication Strategist: Natalie Williamson
Jr. Communication Strategist: Chloe Bosmeny
Research & Analytics Director: Cassi Husain

Business Affairs
Business Affairs Manager: Heidi Killeen

Digital Artists
Mike Campau
Karla Cordova
Jean-Charles Debroize
Ankur Patar

Artist Video & Overview Video:

Production Company
Company name: Emotion Studios
Director: Glen Janssens
Director of Photography: Andy Lilien
Line Producer: Chris Loukides
Executive Producer: Glen Janssens

Editorial Company
Company name: Emotion Studios
Editor: Jae Lee
2nd Editor: Chu Chun Tao
Senior Producer: Lori Muttersbach
Producer: Brady Fiero

Company name: Emotion Studios
Senior Colorist: Will Smith

Senior Producer: Lori Muttersbach
Producer: Brady Fiero
VFX Coordinator: Ikuko Kobayashi
Motion Graphic Designer: Mark Woloschuk

Mix and Sound Design: Elevel
Mix and Sound Design: Dave Baker
AV Director: Luke Dillon

Interactive site & Timelapse Videos:

Digital Production Company
Company name: MediaMonks
Founder and CEO: Wesley ter Haar
Director of Production: Richard Nieuwenhuis
Creative Director: Alex Danklof
Post Production Company
Company name: Umlaut
Executive Producer: Gina Locurcio
Line Producer: Kelly Gibbs
Editor: Chris Gamino
Editor: Peter Geiger

Music Supervisor Todd Porter

:30 Adobe Stock Overview + 4 timelapse videos
Music Track Name: "START SHOOTIN"
Band: Little People

2:03 Artist Video
Music Track Name: "ALL RES"
Band: Go Go Penguin