Ad of the Day: Apple iPod Touch

TBWA reminds parents that the iPhone, and its pricey data plan, isn't the only option for their teens

Hey, parents. Kids clamoring for an iPhone this holiday season? Meet them halfway with an iPod Touch.

So suggests this new Apple ad from TBWA\Media Arts Lab. Titled "Share the Fun," it pays homage to the classic scenester vibe of erstwhile iPod commercials, complete with the obligatory catchy soundtrack from a semi-obscure indie-rock band ("Tongue Tied" by Grouplove) and a montage of fashionable, beaming teenagers. But the spot's main focus falls on the device's social capabilities: chatting and playing video games with friends, snapping photos, and, of course, tweeting.

The spot demonstrates those features using the same finger-tapping-and-swiping touchscreen close-ups that TBWA employs in ads for the Touch's more desirable cousin, the iPhone. But as the small-print disclaimer notes at the end, the Touch's online features are accessible only via WiFi. What's left unsaid seems at least as important: While a WiFi-only device means teens will enjoy less ubiquitous sharing of fun than with an iPhone, it also means parents footing the bill for hundreds of dollars on a data plan.

Client: Apple
Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
CCO: Duncan Milner
ECDs: Eric Grunbaum, Scott Trattner
CDs: Demian Oliveira, Simon Cassels
Senior Copywriter: Kevin Butler
Senior Art Directors: Melinda Keough, Paul Wysocan
Agency Producers: Hank Zakroff, Travis Roever, Tessa Kocourek
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Mark Romanek
DP: Harris Savides
Editing Company: Nomad Editing Co.
Editor: Jared Coller
Postproduction: D-Train
Lead Flame Artist: Ben Gibbs