Ad of the Day: Absolut

Vodka brand hits the desert with bionic dogs and glamazons for an ultra-hip Swedish House Mafia music video

Absolut vodka loves its video collaborations. So far, the spirits brand has teamed up with Spike Jonze to produce a bizarre short film about a man with a PC console for a head; documented a Jay-Z benefit concert at Madison Square Garden; and spent a day following Cee-Lo Green as he expounded his musical philosophy. Now, the Scandinavian alcohol distiller has released a crazy music video—with Swedish House Mafia, natch—that may remind you of a certain soon-to-be-blockbuster-movie book, depending on how much time you spend in the YA section.

The TBWA\Chiat\Day video, which touts Absolut as the perfect ingredient in the Greyhound, a cocktail made of vodka and grapefruit juice, literally revolves around a greyhound race. In this bizarre futuristic fantasy, the bionic dogs (calm down, PETA!) are remotely controlled by leather-clad, DJ-esque men in some high-tech facility. Gathered to watch this race, which is set in the middle of a barren landscape—all cool things happen in deserts, if automotive and/or spirits advertisers are to be believed—are some outrageously dressed glamazons, who very much enjoy squinting and pursing their blue-painted lips at the events unraveling before them. On top of all this, Swedish House Mafia throws its thumping bass and electronic beats—or "music," depending on whom you ask.

Does this whole setup positively scream Hunger Games to anyone else? The all-seeing Gamemaker, the absurd fashions, the heavily dystopic vibe? Now, there's a collaboration for Absolut to consider: Who wants to mix up a shaker of Child-Murder Punch?

Client: Absolut
Spot: "Greyhound" :30/:60/3:32 music video
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Chairman, CCO: Mark Figliulo
Global Creative Director: Sue Anderson
Creative Director: Hoj Jomehri
Art Directors: Hoj Jomehri, Jin Park
Writer: Sue Anderson
Head of Production: Robert Valdes
Senior Producer: Jennifer McKenzie
Producer: Nalina Baratz
Production Company: RSA
Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Executive Producer: Marjie Abrahams
Line Producer: Betsy Blakemore
Director of Photography: Claudio Miranda
Production Designer: Paul Martin
1st Assistant Director: Michael Salven
Lead Wardrobe Stylist: Franck Chevalier
Lead Makeup Stylist: Donald Simrock
Lead Hair Stylist: Benjamin Mohapi
Editorial: Lost Planet
Editor, long form: Bruce Herrman
Editors, :60/:30: Hank Corwin, Bruce Herrman
Executive Producer: Krystn Wagenberg
Assistant Editors: Eli Beck-Gifford, Jacks Genaga, Al Lacorazza
Producer: Marcia Wigley
EFX Companies: Home Studio
Owner, Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Senior Executive Producer: Chris Fieldhouse
CG Dogs, Rabbit: Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects
Creative Director (Ghost Town Media): Brandon Parvini, Jeffrey Lichtfuss
Producer (Ghost Town Media): Matthew Primm
3-D Modeling, Animation, Compositing (Ghost Town Media): Brandon Parvini, Jeffrey Lichtfuss
3-D Camera Tracking (Ghost Town Media): David Torno
UI Design (Ghost Town Media): Brandon Parvini, Gabriel Perez
Additional Visual Effects (Ghost Town Media): Filaments Visual Effects
CG Supervisor (Furia Digital): Alex Grau
3-D Tracking (Furia Digital): Jose Luis Estefania
3-D Modeling, Animation, Compositing (Furia Digital): Alberto Corpas, Ivan Costarrosa, Jose Luis Estefania
Inferno Artist (Ntropic): MB Emigh
Producer (Ntropic): Fawn Fletcher
Telecine: Co3
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
Music: Swedish House Mafia, "Greyhound"
Audio Mix: Heard City
Mixer: Philip Loeb
Sound Design: Richard Devine