Actress, Model, Receptionist

Bozell Worldwide’s latest print ad for the Islands of the Bahamas features the image of longtime Bozell receptionist Mildred Vandever, who’s been directing traffic at the agency since 1965.

The ad draws in the reader with an enticing image of a bronzed, well-oiled leg hanging out of a hammock in an idyllic beach setting. The headline asks: ‘Did You Tell Your Mother We Were Going to Be Away?’

The cheeky response is ‘Who?’ paired with a framed photo inset of Vandever.

Vandever’s comedic talents have not gone unrecognized over the years. She had a cameo role in director Penny Marshall’s Big as the receptionist for the toy company where Tom Hanks comes looking for a job.

The toy company scenes were shot on location at Bozell’s 40 West 23rd St. location in New York.

The creative team which made the casting decision was led by associate creative director Steve Feldman, with art director Erica Fite and copywriter Dan Kendall.

Vandever was apparently dodging the paparazzi when Adweek called for comment.

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