Accounts, Personnel Shift As Doner Reinvents Itself

WASHINGTON, D.C.-W.B. Doner & Co. in Baltimore has reinvented itself as a “brand response” shop with a direct marketing focus. As a result, the agency has shifted at least two above-the-line accounts to Doner’s Southfield, Mich., office.
Executive vice president and creative director John Parlato will move to the agency’s headquarters in Southfield, Mich., with the $44 million Arby’s and $7-10 million Bush Beans businesses. He will be a creative director there, working on several accounts.
Scott Rasmussen, executive vice president, creative director at Doner Direct (the direct unit of W.B. Doner in Baltimore), will run the creative department at W.B. Doner. He will keep his current title.
John Tracosas, executive vice president, director of client services and co-general manager (with Tony Everett) in Baltimore, moves to Southfield as executive vice president, strategic planning.
Everett stays on in his role and continues to oversee Doner Direct as president. Doner Direct continues as a separate unit.
The restructuring also caused 24 layoffs.
Agency officials denied W.B. Doner was now a direct shop. Teligent, however, recently awarded its $5-10 million ad account to the agency because, “What we need right now is direct-marketing oriented,” said Rick Hanna, senior vice president of sales and marketing at the client.
Agency chairman Alan Kalter said: “If [the clients] didn’t want us to change, we wouldn’t.” -with Katy Eckmann and Sloane Lucas