Young & Rubicam is promoting Accenture, the consultants formerly known as Andersen, with four spots shot in color by Bruce Dowad in such places as Rome, Hong Kong and Paris. Though each of the spots has a distinct mood and music, they resemble silent movies in that they do not feature voiceovers. The theme, “Now it gets interesting,” is expressed with depictions of how technology affects people’s lives and work in different ways. A fifth ad being considered by Accenture is an animated spot from director Barnaby Jackson of Miss Jones.


For the 13th year in a row, the St. Louis brewery will be the exclusive advertiser in the alcoholic beverage category. The company is again choosing its spots late in the game from a pool of ads created by various agencies of record. The company’s perennial responsible drinking spot, from DDB, will feature ‘NSync on a door-to-door trek to thank parents for talking honestly to their kids about drinking. Another strong contender to fill some of A-B’s remaining three minutes of time include DDB’s new creative featuring the “Whassup?” guys, directed by Charles Stone III. One spot from Leap Partnership for Michelob will run, most likely a spot “lingering on the liquid and the label,” according to Bob Lachky, vice president of brand management for A-B. Also in the commercial mix are Fusion spots for Bud and Bud Light, as well as one that will feature a Busch family member.

Cingular Wireless

A joint effort between BBDO in New York and Atlanta has produced an extensive branding effort for the telecommunications company. Four spots, directed by James Gartner, are in contention for the Super Bowl. They will include emotionally driven concepts topped off with the x-shaped “Jack” character who was introduced in the agencies’ first work for the client.


Fallon rounds out its trilogy of high-concept spots with a spoof of the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. The bulls are replaced with squirrels; the idea is that businesses must watch out for their quicker, more agile competition. Shot by John O’Hagan of Hungry Man on location in Pedraza, Spain, and on a sound stage in Los Angeles, ads feature Spanish actors and eight trained squirrels. “Trained” is a word executive creative director David Lubars uses loosely. “They’re not dogs,” he says, “they’re wild animals.” But he contends the animals behaved well in the simple shots of them running to or away from the camera. CGI animation duplicated the images to form a “herd” and seamlessly placed them in the streets under the runners. Creative credits include agency art director Dean Hanson, copywriter Greg Hahn, producers Judy Brink and Marty Wetherall, as well as Group Films Presenta in Barcelona, Filmcore in Santa Monica, Calif., and Sight Effects in Venice, Calif.


Expect humorous spots from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Hungry Man’s Bryan Buckley this year. Also returning will be the chimp in last year’s “Monkey” spot. Sources say this time, however, he will not be dancing. The agency/director team created four spots for the online financial-services company. It’s still unclear which two will run.

Weiss Stagliano Partner’s 30-second spot opens with a desk ornament of steel gravity balls hanging from strings, clacking back and forth. One ball falls from the string, rolls down the hall and out of the building to a join a game of marbles in the park. The soundtrack for the spot features “Go Where You Wanna Go,” by The Mamas and the Papas. It ends with a written tagline, “ Onward. Upward.” As Adam Stagliano, president of the agency puts it, “It’s a ball with a will.” Agency credits include asso-ciate creative director Rick Condos, copywriter Ken Marcus and art director David Paprocki.


A lifesaving jeans donation takes center stage in TBWA\Chiat\Day’s effort for Levi’s Re-Issued 569 jeans. Directed by Traktor, the spot is part of a trio of ads that tell the gripping story of two men and a pair of jeans. A man who has fallen off his carousel horse is identified as a donor and stripped of his Levi’s, which are given to another young man crouched in a fetal position on his bed. The final spot, airing after the Super Bowl, revisits the recipient following his ordeal. TBWA\C\D’s creative team included executive creative director Chuck McBride, creative director Jon Soto, art director/copywriter Jeff Labbe and executive producer Jennifer Golub.

Part of Arnold’s first major campaign for the job-search site, the two spots directed by Kinka Usher show the difference a great job can make in a person’s life. The creative team includes Pete Favat, executive vice president and creative director at the Boston agency.


Super Bowl veterans BBDO and director Joe Pytka team up again this year with four of the spots in consideration for the soft-drink maker’s appearance in the game. The “Joy of Cola” spots are comedic and will include a “celebrity of sorts and a beach locale,” says one source, but will not feature mainstay Hallie Eisenberg. The client is also considering spots for its PepsiOne, Diet Pepsi and Sierra Mist brands.

Snickers Cruncher

BBDO will establish this new candy bar with a comedy-driven campaign distinct from its well-liked theme for Snickers, “Gonna be here for a while?” The spots are directed by Phil Morrison of Epoch Productions.


A woman comes home to find her sloppy boyfriend munching on the couch. As she cleans up the mess, her vacuum sucks the man into its bag, which she promptly discards down the trash chute. BBDO’s spot promotes Visa as the right tool for the right job.