About a Roy

If the beer, brisket and pecan pie weren’t enough, the Texas grit aimed at Roy Spence surely reminded those at the Dallas Ad League’s 3rd annual AdRoast just which state they were in.

Those doing the “Roysting” included former Texas Governor Ann Richards, PGA Tour commissioner Timothy Finchem, Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher, fellow GSD&M co-founder Judy Trabulsi and Temerlin McClain’s Liener Temerlin. Even Bill and Hillary Clinton made an appearance, via video tape, to pay homage to a friend they’ve known for three decades (Spence once showed up at a White House party dressed as the Man With No Name from Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti western days).

Temerlin, perhaps keen for a little payback after being last year’s roastee, quipped, “Roy is the Jimmy Swaggart of the agency world. As sure as there’s a God in heaven, the man is going to hell.”

“Reverend Roy,” 54, whose Austin, Texas, agency counts the infamous “Don’t mess with Texas” anti-littering effort among its achievements, took his own messing-with in gentlemanly fashion. “Twelve hundred people in one room for three hours talking about me,” he reflected with Shoptalk a few days later. “But enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do you think about me?”

The roast, held at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel, raised $94,400 for the Dallas Ad League Foundation and the DREAM Fund.