9.5 Million Witness ‘Sopranos’ Hits

HBO’s season finale of “The Sopranos” went out with a bang Sunday when it was seen by 9.5 million viewers, up 6% from last year’s season finale, which aired in April 2000 as opposed to this year’s finale that aired during the more competitive May sweep period.

The only higher-rated episode of “Sopranos” came during this year’s two-hour season premiere, which was two episodes airing back-to-back that pulled in 11.3 million viewers combined.

As a driver for the pay cable network, “Sopranos” has consistently built its average Sunday night audience from 3.5 million viewers in its first season to 6.6 million viewers during its second season, an 89% increase. This season, the average audience climbed 36% to 9 million viewers.