9 fight

9 fight fat

The jury’s finally in: Junk food is bad for you. This was the year everyone took notice of this startling fact. Maybe the messages from Supersize Me and Fast Food Nation are finally starting to get through. From the Federal Trade Commission demanding to know exactly how the food and bev industries were spending their dollars to sell their salty, sugary delights to children, to Disney proclaiming it would only put its marketing muscle behind relatively healthy products, it seems no one wanted to admit to being the candyman. Some of the biggest names in the $7 billion industry (fast food, candy and snacks), including McDonald’s, vowed to cut back on using all those warm and fuzzy licensed characters to sell their wares. In England, they went so far as to ban TV adverts that promoted foods high in fat, salt and sugar from programs aimed at people under 16. And as the year came to a close, New York City banned the use of trans-fats and the American Academy of Pediatrics called on Congress and the FCC to regulate ads that target children. What’s a junk-food marketer to do?