5 Clients Join Folio Z

ATLANTA-Technology marketing specialist Folio Z here has pulled in five accounts with billings totaling an estimated $3-5 million.
The largest of the accounts are Convergent, an employee training and communications firm in Atlanta, and the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), a computer training company that is part of the $1 billion HCL Group of New Delhi, India.
Convergent, which trains employees via private business television networks for clients like AT&T and BMW, contacted 19 Atlanta agencies before narrowing its search to Folio Z, 360 and Clarion Marketing and Communications, according to client official Jay Crain. There was no incumbent.
The agency has developed a new descriptor for Convergent: “The IntraCommunications Company.” Other duties will include a direct mail program, collateral, Web site work and print advertising.
After simultaneous reviews of undisclosed agencies, two divisions of NIIT made separate decisions to hire Folio Z, said agency president Chris Coleman.
The agency’s chore is to help the two NIIT units-education/training and software-compete against well-known U.S.-based competitors. Print ads for both divisions will break late this year and early 1998. NIIT officials could not be reached.
Folio Z’s other new accounts include Powersolv and Advanced Charger Technology, both located in Atlanta.
Coleman said each client is participating in the agency’s Green Banana Program that bases creative efforts on research and “market realities.”
Folio Z employs 32 and reports $39 million in billings; both figures have more than doubled since 1995, said Coleman.