5 Cannes Hopefuls That Already Rocked Social Media

Which Film entries were big runaway hits online?

Scores of TV commercials and online films will compete for the Film Grand Prix next week in Cannes. But many of the spots are already winners—with online audiences.

Visible Measures, which tracks online video advertising, content and audiences, has taken the 20 Cannes Film hopefuls earlier identified by the Gunn Report and crunched the numbers to see which of them have been the most successful in social video to date. Using its "True Reach" metric, the company looked at the brand-driven and audience-driven performance of each spot to see how viral each one managed to be. (Audience-driven clips include copies and derivatives like mixes, mashups, spoofs and video responses.)

Below are the five spots that did the best in Visible's analysis. The Cannes juries, of course, notoriously pay more attention to craft than sheer popularity. But Visible's research at least gives you a good idea of which spots are truly crowd-pleasers. The company explains:

"Many of the spots have a large presence in social video, but the leader in this group of critically-acclaimed ads is clear. Carlsberg's 'Bikers' ad dominates in social video, with nearly 18 million views, 5 million views more than the second place spot. Carlsberg's ad, which pranks movie-goers with a room full of scary bikers and rewards them with an ice-cold Carlsberg, has more than 40 copies and derivatives. This relatively high number of copies and derivatives, as well as its huge view count, indicate high audience participation.

Sony's 'Michael' spot for the PlayStation 3, collected over 12 million views, coming in second place. Interestingly, the views for the campaign are spread out over 150 copies and derivatives, an indication of high virality.

Coming in third is Chipotle's animated masterpiece, 'Back to the Start' with more than 6.3 million views in social video. Quick on Chipotle's heels is Google's heartwrenching spot, 'Dear Sophie' at fourth place with 5.9 million views. Lastly, John Lewis' holiday spot, 'The Long Wait,' rounds out our top five with 5.1 million views."

  1. John Lewis
  2. Google
  3. Chipotle
  4. Sony PlayStation 3
  5. Carlsberg

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