3 access anytime,

3 access anytime, anywhere

Apple’s October debut of the video iPod, and its subsequent distribution deals with ABC and NBC, illustrated the continuing shift of media consumption from the home to, well, anywhere. Consumers have been free from TV schedules since TiVo’s 1999 debut. (Some 12 percent of U.S. homes own a DVR device, says Jupiter Research.) Now, they’re entirely untethered from the couch. Be it wireless Internet, podcasts or downloaded video content, consumers are seeking out what they want and watching it via iPod, Treo or PSP, just about anywhere they choose. But how will advertisers get to them? This year, marketers with lots of muscle, like Dixie Paper, and smaller ones, like Killington Ski Resort, found a way by sponsoring or creating their own podcasts, downloadable Internet radio programs that reach niche audiences. And it took less than a month for Burger King to find a way onto the video iPod by sponsoring comedy shorts distributed by Heavy.com. If Subservient Chicken is any indication, as BK goes, so goes the nation.