This 21-Year-Old Foodie Magazine’s Test Kitchen Is Like a Gourmet Version of Your Own Home

As in any home, the heart of Saveur lies in its kitchen. Located in New York City's Koreatown, Saveur boasts a test kitchen comprising many dualities: functional yet casual, cozy but meticulously organized, professional and still inviting. On any given day, there are two to four people testing recipes, editors and bloggers in and out, and chefs dropping by to create something new.

"It's a pretty relaxed environment, yet there is always something going on to keep us on our toes," said test kitchen director Farideh Sadeghin. "We shop, we put away groceries, we cook, we eat, we clean."

But all this fun has a purpose, according to editor in chief Adam Sachs: "A test kitchen is a factory for content." With the staff and editors constantly producing content across all channels—digital and print­—the kitchen is an invaluable resource. "Without the ability to—literally—cook up new stories every day," said Sachs, "we'd just be commenting on other trend and food stories."


Saveur’s casual but professional and fully functional test kitchen is always bustling.


Products Aplenty

Saveur works with companies like Le Creuset, All- Clad and Williams-Sonoma and is often sent products to try out, which means multiples of many items.


Under the Knives

“Storing knives on the wall is the most hygienic way to store knives. Knife blocks take up a lot of counter space and tend to build up bacteria,” said Sadeghin. “Also, the knives look cool all displayed on the wall. You see it when you walk in and know we mean business.”


Picture This

Although brands send products, Saveur also requests specific items to use for photo shoots and recipes.


Top Shelf

Saveur tests a lot of cocktails—it’s also useful to have a stash of booze on hand when the staff wants to unwind at the end of the day.


Organized Chaos

“I’m a stickler for organization,” said Sadeghin. “One of the things I tell anyone who works for us is that the test kitchen is, at the end of the day, a show kitchen as well.”


Kitchen Comradery

Everyone gathers in the kitchen throughout the day, whether to test recipes, grab milk for coffee or even just hang out.

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