Zulu Alpha Kilo Gets Lost in Translation with Cars for Canadians

By Jordan Teicher Comment

Maybe Canadians like mini Audis better than life-sized Audis?

Toronto-based Zulu Alpha Kilo seems to have taken the “less is more” approach a little too seriously for their latest venture with Audi Canada–the shtick lets consumers operate an iPad to test drive a 1:32 scale Audi A4 on a 140 sq. foot slot car track. Also somewhat relevant to this bizarre pitch: The release of the Audi quattro Experience (real title) coincides with the premiere of a documentary, “Painting Coconuts,” about the man who created the slot car track for the campaign.

You may be asking yourself what a 1:32 scale Audi has to do with the company’s ultimate goal, which is to sell real cars that people drive. I’m afraid I can’t help you find an answer. The miniatures used in the video above have a tremendous amount of detail and probably took months to construct, but people don’t buy cars based on souped-up toys that hook up to iPads. The only reasonable explanation is that the Canadians were so distraught over the NHL lockout that their brains short-circuited until it was too late to fix. Credits after the jump.

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