You Wanted It (OK, Maybe Not Really), But You Got It: Your Season 2 ‘The Pitch’ Info

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Nine months after reaffirming its “commitment to awfulness” as our own Bob Marshall so eloquently stated, AMC has finally revealed details of the upcoming second season of its ad agency reality slugfest (well, if only), The Pitch. The brands participating in season two — which will consist of eight, hour-long installments and kicks off Thursday, August 15, at 10pm — include 1-800-Flowers, Bliss, College Hunks Hauling Junk, Fuller Brush Company, Gibson Guitar Corporation, Little Caesars, Square Trade and Tommy Bahama.

Perhaps you’re familiar with several of the names mentioned above, as are we, but we’re not sure if any of the actual agencies vying for their work in The Pitch part deux ring a bell. But maybe that’s just us. Here’s your list: Daniel Burton Dean (Nashville, TN), Fletcher Rowley (Nashville, TN), Powell Creative (Nashville, TN), breensmith Advertising (Atlanta, GA), Innerspin (Los Angeles, CA), MC2 (Los Angeles, CA), COR (Santa Monica, CA), Neuron Syndicate (Santa Monica, CA), Central Coast (Chicago, IL), Commonground (Chicago, IL), The Monogram Group (Chicago, IL), Bee-line Communications (Chicago, IL), Mischievous Studios (Hollywood, CA), Heavenspot (Glendale, CA), OneX (Culver City, CA) and Pasadena Advertising (Pasadena, CA).

Maybe season two is a little less high-profile than its predecessor, but at least we’ll have more of Bob’s epic day-after recaps to look forward to once again.