Yes Virginia, Copywriters Can Be Magicians, Too…Literally

By Kiran Aditham Comment

As 2012 winds down, we’ll try to do the same with some lighthearted fare courtesy of Alex Schaeffer, who by day works as a copywriter at Translation on accounts like Bud Light and State Farm, and by, well, the rest of the time, hones his magic act. Sure, this is one of the more peculiar things we’ve seen agency folks indulge in, but Schaeffer’s is no mere side project. He’s actually been working on becoming a proficient magician and card trick maestro for well over 10 years.

His efforts have culminated into what he dubs the “Sleight Ascent,” a project he started on his birthday last January in which he set out to create a unique video of himself performing a magic effect every day for 365 days. Thus far, Schaeffer’s stuck to his guns (he tells us he’s never missed a video, even on spot shoots) and as his project nears completion, we figured we’d show you his most recent trick from yesterday. See above and check out the rest of what’s been up his sleeve over the last year here.