W+K Tests Your MI6 Mettle in Sony/’Skyfall’ Cross-Promotion

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Bond is back as most of you know and to promote the latest installment in the ever-lasting franchise, Skyfall, W+K Portland has unveiled a global campaign that ties in the film with Sony products, the latter of which have their eye on Bond himself in a new spot called “Mouse and Cat” (above). The spot is high-tech, fine and dandy and all, but the more intriguing component of the campaign is the online “British Intelligence Officers Exam,” a gaming experience which was initially covered last week on Co.Create and has now finally been unlocked.

The “Exam,” which features a text-based interface, lets you simulate conversation and assist MI6 agents, who are soldiering through their assignments by using, what else, various Sony products including the Xperia (which we now know can be used as a torch). The old-school setup of the game takes us back, though we’re not sure if we have what it takes to measure up as an MI6 agent. But hey, don’t let us stop you from killing your lunch break.