With HTML5 Game, McGarryBowen Explores the Galaxy

By Bob Marshall Comment

Though still technically in development, HTML5 has already provided a bevy of groundbreaking websites. And, with the recent announcement that Adobe is discontinuing works on its mobile Flash player (which many are blaming on Steve Jobs and the popularity of iOS devices), the eyes of web developers worldwide are now glued to HTML5 and its promise of a platform that’s only restricted by one’s imagination.

In the spirit of web pioneering, the minds at Mcgarrybowen Labs have decided to combine online gaming with HTML5. The finished product, “Galaxy Explorer,” is not unlike Arcade Fire’s breakthrough interactive music video “The Wilderness Downtown,” utilizing automatically generating multiple browser windows to give a player a fuller interactive experience. As Mcgarrybowen puts it, the game “transforms the way browsers communicate not just with users but with each other, as well.” It can be an awful lot for a laptop to handle, so should you give “Galaxy Explorer” a whirl, make sure to close all other browser windows and stop simultaneously running programs to avoid slowing it down.

And, for the developers out there wondering how they did it, Mcgarrybowen says, “We’ve created illusions of transparent browser windows, animated them with JQuery and Bezier Curves and woven a complex relationship between the browser parent and child windows that communicate with each other and all come together in a cohesive side-scrolling adventure.” It’s pretty nifty, and it’s (hopefully) only a sign of things to come as Mcgarrybowen continues experimenting and creating with HTML5. Credits after the jump.