Winners, john st. Turn Quebec Into a Giant Scavenger Hunt

By Jordan Teicher Comment

If you live in Quebec and happen to see giant pieces of women’s clothing and accessories, do not be alarmed. Rather, be intrigued. Toronto shop john st. – creators of the Lake Huron “Save the Drop” campaign, among many others – has teamed with Winners, the Canadian version of Marshall’s, for an immense scavenger hunt across Quebec called “Find Big, Score Big.” Shoppers who find seven-foot-tall high heels will be happy to know they are not involved in a bad post-modern art show. And more importantly, the first three shoppers to come across each installment will win designer items worth up to $1,000. The next 25 shoppers will receive $25 gift cards. I’m tempted to say we’re all winners, but we’re not.

For those interested scavengers who don’t want to drive around Quebec aimlessly, you can find clues on the Winners Facebook page, which from a brand marketing standpoint, is a savvy way to drive up social media engagement in both the short- and long-term. Users will be more inclined to periodically check the pages to see if similar giveaways are taking place, and the costs to serve a local audience like this are relatively minimal. The contest lasts until September 24, and you can look at additional photos from the campaign after the jump.