Where in the World is Paran Johar? (Updated)

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Throughout the week, we’ve been receiving tips regarding the status of one Paran Johar, who’s basically spent the last five years at mobile ad company Jumptap, where he served as CMO. From what our spies allege, the Los Angeles-based Johar was let go from Jumptap in the last week or two due to issues including conflict of interest, specifically his growing interest in the Mobile Media Upfront, which, yeah, he actually founded.

Our inquiries to the company have been unanswered, but we’re hearing that Johar hasn’t been seen in the office for a few weeks. Prior to joining Jumptap, Johar served as EVP of digital marketing for MRM and spent several years as managing director of Tribal DDB’s Los Angeles office. Paran, if you’re out there, give us a shout since your company hasn’t done an adequate job in doing so.

Update: Well, that was quick. The Jumptap camp confirms Johar’s departure and that he’s leaving to focus on his various conferences. The company adds that there are no plans at the moment to replace him and that they’re actually sponsoring some of the departing exec’s events. Phew, ok, on with the day.

Update 2: So much for that. Now, a source sends us a memo from Jumptap president/CEO George Bell that went out to staff on Wednesday. Peep it after the jump.

“All — I wanted to let you know that Paran Johar, our CMO for the past 5 years, has chosen to leave us to commit himself fully to his mobile media conference business. As some of you may know, JT has been a key sponsor of these events over the years. We have reached an agreement with Paran to continue to be a prominent partner with him on five conferences in 2013, which will be the mainstay of our event marketing to advertisers and agencies. These conferences have proven very valuable for our reputation and sales efforts. I’m excited and pleased that we can continue to work with Paran this way. Paran has seen us through many changes, lived in NY and LA during his time with Jumptap, and even ran brand sales for a short stint in 2010. He was always an active, knowledgeable presence representing us to key constituencies in our trade — whether it be at conferences, with the press, trade associations or otherwise. Internally, his was always a powerful voice reminding us to keep it simple, and reminding us how to position Jumptap with ad agencies and clients. I want to thank him for his many contributions, and I look forward to being in business with him next year. Paran’s last day is today, but you can still reach him via his Jumptap email address through the end of the week.
We have no plans to replace Paran in the near term. Matt Duffy will lead the marketing team and report to Frank Weishaupt, and the marketing team will remain in tact. Best, g”