We’ve Never Seen a Prouder SapientNitro Staffer Than This Guy

By Kiran Aditham Comment

A tipster who was kind of enough to send us the gem above from SapientNitro this morning asked the question, “Who else thinks they made it ten times worse by trying to hide it?” What they’re referring to and as the YouTube page describes, the original Facebook post with this “Idea Engineer” clip as well all the comments were quickly deleted. Copyranter proclaims this awful tune and accompanying music video, complete with masturbatory guitar licks and backup singers, to be the “absolute worst ad agency self-promo video ever”–though we’ve seen some pretty bad ones over the years that surely measure up (ahem).

As for SapientNitro, here we thought it was hard to top their own ice cream truck Advertising Week promo in pure crapstastic-ness, but the agency’s somehow defied the odds. After struggling through this, we can safely say we never want to hear the term “idea engineer” again.