We Hear: Cuts at Critical Mass Yet Again?

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Hmm, where have we heard this tune before? Since Tuesday, we’ve received multiple tips from various sources about, once again, layoffs at Critical Mass, with the numbers increasing with each passing day. On the tips timeline, it started on Feb. 5 with “More layoffs at Critical Mass Chicago” including “higher ups and ADs” then became more concrete yesterday morning with “Critical Mass – Chicago laid off 7 people yesterday.  Their GM and President both resigned last week” and finally culminated last night into, “Critical Mass let 19 people go from their Chicago, Los Angeles and London offices.”

Unfortunately, just like on previous attempts, we’ve hit a wall in terms of getting any sort of comment or clarification on the matter from the folks at the Omnicom-owned digital agency (a spokesperson did tell us once last year that CM “cannot comment on employment specifics in any office”). As far as Critical Mass Chicago GM Joe Scartz, we’ve been told he left as of last week, though we’re double-checking on this. Since the agency’s keeping quiet for now, we’ll let the tipsters and/or comment thread serve as CM’s voice until we hear further.