We Hear: BBH NY’s Andersen In or Out?

By Kiran Aditham Comment

If we can break into Seinfeld mode for a second, what’s the deal when you don’t get a flat-out “yea” or “nay,” whether on or off the record, from agencies instead of the “no comment on speculation” horseshit in regards to people moves? Bitter, honest, sometimes asinine comments that flood our thread aside, it’s just us here talking and this question has haunted us since the days that AgencySpy was dancing around obelisks. Anyhow, for the last several days, we’ve been hearing word from multiple sources that Greg Andersen’s status as CEO of BBH New York is in question, as is that of several NY staffers at the agency.

Regarding either, we finally received word back, first from the PR firm that is apparently “in the dark” and next, from BBH’s comms HQ in London, which, wait for it, said that the agency cannot “comment on any speculation around certain staff at BBH in New York at the moment.” With most agencies we have a good rapport with, we get straightforward answers, you know, like “yes,” “no,” “don’t attribute to us or we’ll hunt you down”; with others, the ambiguity/mystery will subsist. C’est la vie. Anyhow, Andersen (pictured) has been with BBH NY for 6.5 years, moving up from managing director to CEO in early 2010. Prior to that, the exec has worked on the account/strategy side at the likes of Merkley + Partners and Lowe New York.