Verizon Reminds Us That We Need More Exercise

By Jordan Teicher Comment

Verizon, of all companies, wants you to put down your electronic devices and jog. The telecom giant created the world’s longest Pinterest post–a lengthy road–and once you click the down arrow to the finish line, there are some motivational words: “You burned 1/2 a calorie. Imagine how many calories you’d burn if you got up, went outside, and exercised.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is “fitspiration.” I doubt that word is going to capture the public’s attention, but at least they want people to be healthier.

It doesn’t actually take that long for you to scroll from top to bottom, so even though Verizon’s intent is admirable, this long road is more like a post of futility that will annoy Pinterest users. If you happened to be wowed by the concept, there’s a short video you can watch after the jump that suggests a list of Verizon products you can purchase to improve your fitness. Or, you know, you could just jog and get fit while burning off steam since you wasted three minutes scrolling through the world’s longest Pinterest post. Your choice.