UpThere: Mekanism and Mother Make Film About Beer, Hand-painted Ads

By Matt Van Hoven Comment


Last night at a screening room in the basement of the Crosby Hotel, members of the Mother New York and Mekanism teams met to watch the debut screening (uh, maybe not the debut) if UpThere, a 12:45 short film about the dying art of hand-painting outdoor ads. It’s pasted above, and you should give it a watch. We’re not going to answer your “how does this sell beer” questions kids. You’re the creatives &#151 figure that one out for yourselves.

Kickass shooting/editing/directing by Malcolm Murray at Mekanism.

Click here to see it. Credits after the jump.

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Executive Creative Directors: Linus Karlsson & Paul Malmstrom
Creatives: Christine Gignac & Jon Lancaric
Mother: Alex Stankiewicz
Producer: Mike Aaron, Emma Starzacher
Strategist: Mark Fielding, Ben Parker
Director: Malcolm Murray
Production Company: Mekanism
Executive Producers: Mat Lundberg, Tommy Means
Line Producers: Katie Matson, Beth Shulman
Director of Photography: Malcolm Murray
Editor: Malcolm Murray
Painters: Colossal Media/Sky High Murals, Bob Middleton
Music: The Album Leaf, courtesy of Sub Pop Records
Sound Mix: Peter Buccellato, Sound Lounge
Music Supervisor: Jason Baker, Singing Serpant
1st AC: Christopher Parker
Timelapse Photography: Morgan Howland