Under Armour: Where Women Decide ‘What’s Beautiful’

By Jordan Teicher Comment

Red Tettemer + Partners have teamed with Under Armour to launch “What’s Beautiful 3.0,” the third version of a social media exercise contest where women can ultimately win – drum roll, plrease – an all-expense paid fitness retreat to sunny Costa Rica. Judging by the campaign’s website and the general tone of Under Armour’s advertisements, beautiful is: athletic, ripped, motivated, a little edgy, and healthy. Women interested in competing can post pictures and videos of their fitness exploits. Under Armour periodically issues athletic challenges and will host pop-up events around the country designed to bring together participants who may only know each other from the online profiles. After two months, Under Armour will look at all of the previous submissions and select 10 finalists. Three winners will get to go to Costa Rica, two chosen by Under Armour and one by public vote.

Even if the contest structure and vague superficiality of the campaign seems a little at odds with female empowerment, we’re all for people living healthier. Tip of the day for women taking selfies at profile-picture-esque diagonal angles: It probably won’t hurt to be in full Under Armour gear when posting on the site. Catsuits and everything, that’s how you go from product placement to Costa Rica.