Tom Brady Will Buy You Uggs if You’re Good Enough at Football

By Bob Marshall Comment

We’ve all been there: Our professional football career is in jeopardy. Will we get cut? It’s nerve-racking, because we know we gave it our all. And, as we sit anxiously in the locker room, praying we don’t see a pink slip meant for us, we know that a pair of comfortable footwear will make it all better.

As this spot from M&C Saatchi LA shows, sometimes dreams do come true (remember the last time?). Maybe our coach hasn’t given us the positive reinforcement that our fragile selves require, but Tom Brady knows that we’ve been playing with our hearts as much as our heads. “Here you go, rookie,” Brady coos in our ear, patting us on the back as we open up a sparkly new pair of UGG slippers. “Thanks for watching my back out there. You know I’ll always have yours.”

Now, some of you doubters will say, “We know Tom Brady isn’t real! He’s just a myth that parents tell their kids around this time of year with the hopes of making their spawn into profitable professional athletes.” But, I tell you the truth, this spot was actually based on a true story (seriously). So, if you have the spirit of the holiday season in your hearts, and you believe in the miracle of Christmas, maybe Tom Brady will make an unannounced visit to your locker room, with a twinkle in his eye and a pair of UGG man slippers for good football players the whole world ’round.

A behind-the-scenes video follows after the jump.