Tidy Cat Leaves BCU as Grogan Departs

By Matt Van Hoven Comment

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AdWeak reported recently that Tidy Cat is leaving BCU. The cat product manufacturer has been a client for the last 11 years. Other clients on the agency’s roster include Coca-Cola, Mello Yello, GM and more.

Sad, sad things.

But for those of you who still enjoy BCU’s work (sounds like a college, or something) head to bc-p.com, click “work” then “old school.” You won’t regret it. Nor will you regret clicking to the rest of this story.

Apparently, TC is taking some $15M with them as they go to a yet-to-be-named shop. Could they end up at Interpublic Group’s Avrett Free Ginsberg in New York, MDC Partners’ Colle + McVoy in Minneapolis or Publicis Groupe’s Fallon Minneapolis, Havas’ Arnold in Boston?

Time will tell. But here’s a shout-out to my home state, Minnesota (read: St. Paul). Yeah, it’s cold as hell, but beneath the snow are more than 10,000 lakes (yes, that’s more than Wisconsin), the Homer Hankey (genius) and Rollergirl (although she’s from upstate somewhere). Good enough for me.

To tie things off, BCU has also lost Boost and both Heineken and Heineken Light or late. Ouch.

Check out the full AdWeak article here.