There’s a Map for That

By Matt Van Hoven Comment

We love the competitive nature of advertising. Take this ad for Verizon Wireless and their “powerful” 3G network. The company is taking on AT&T, playing up their competitor’s infamously weak/spotty 3G service (ie: in Manhattan, of all places, ugh) with a new slogan: “There’s a map for that”. Preceding the slogan are questions like &#151 want to watch 3G videos anywhere? “There’s a map for that” &#151 referring to Verizon’s pretty-much spotless coverage across the country.

Could this be a hint that the iPhone is coming to Verizon? Maybe that seems like a bit of a stretch, but it would be wise for the telecomm provider to play up its capabilities if it was on the cusp of obtaining the one smartphone people think of first when they think of 3G. Rumors have been floating for years that Verizon Wireless is working toward getting the iPhone &#151 the latest we heard was that it could be here as soon as January 2010. However, Apple still has some exclusive deals with AT&T, so that’ll have to be remedied before anything happens.

More than likely, this spot is part of a campaign paving the way for the McGarryBowen project we recently told you about.

Via AllThingsD

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