The Mother of All Twitter Takedowns is Unfolding…OK, Not Quite

By Kiran Aditham Comment

With nearly 20,400 followers as we speak, it seems like @leeclowsbeard has quite the presence on Twitter, but apparently there are some who aren’t too happy with this person, who, for those of you who are completely oblivious, is obviously NOT the real Lee Clow. Anyhow, a @leeclowsbeard antagonist popped up last week on the microblogging service who goes by the handle @leeclowspubes (don’t ask) and is taking issue with his/her foe because they’re allegedly publishing the work of others on their personal portfolio site (read more here). The ultimate goal of @leeclowspubes is to expose the identity of @leeclowsbeard, but there’s a catch. A tipster sent us this note below:

“I worked with the person who is actually the @leeclowsbeard twitter identity everyone blindly follows, but isn’t Lee Clow himself. If you knew how much of a hack this guy was, no one would follow him, period. One of my other former work buddies created an alt twitter ID  called @leeclowspubes to attack him by any means necessary. Anyways, he will expose the guy who is behind the beard if he gets to 500 followers on Twitter.” From the looks of it, Mr./Mrs./Ms. Pubes is almost on their way to unmasking the alleged villain ala Scooby-Doo. See the last update below: