The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Agency Holiday Cards of 2013

By Erik Oster Comment

We saw a lot of agency holiday card videos and websites this past month. A few were very well made, while some just seemed tossed, and a few were so weird we didn’t know quite what to make of them. If you missed out on all this holiday card action, never fear. We’ve compiled some of the best, worst and weirdest for you below. Enjoy, feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments section, and have a Happy New Year.


“Season’s Greetings From Guy Holiday” — Ignited

LA-based agency Ignited created our favorite holiday card this year by taking on the agency holiday card itself. Ignited’s character Guy Holiday, — described as “if BuzzFeed had a baby with Ron Burgundy and then that baby was raised by, well, Agency Spy” — is an agency holiday card expert who shares his rules for a successful holiday card. He’s a funny character, who gives advice like ““always include a cute animal” because “animals are like mother nature’s stuffed animals.” Agencies would do well to take Guy’s advice before crafting their cards next year.

Viewpoint Creative’s Holiday Card

Viewpoint Creative’s delightfully wacky take on the agency holiday card was another one of our favorites. The Boston-based agency imagines a worst-case-scenario for forgetting to unplug the Christmas tree that includes a giant New Year’s baby and a demon Santa, which should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. The video’s amateurish construction only adds to the charm, and fits the mood perfectly.


The Atmo Carolers — Atmosphere Proximity

While there were a fair share of less-than-stellar agency holiday cards this year, there wasn’t really any competition for the worst holiday card. Digital agency Atmosphere Proximity nailed that one down with their irritating carol parodies, aimed at topics like crowded malls, holiday overeating, network hiatuses, and stressful travel. At least they delivered their parodies — “Carol of the Malls,” “Kiss Those Skinny Jeans Goodbye,” “It’s the Best Time to Travel of the Year” and “The Hiatus” — via Twitter, rather than showing up at people’s doorsteps. Please guys, no singing next year.


“What can Berlin Cameron get you for the holidays?” — Berlin Cameron United
Berlin Cameron Holiday

There was some stiff competition in this category, as agency holiday cards definitely skewed toward the unusual this season. The weirdest of them all came two days after Christmas, with Berlin Cameron United’s extremely odd contribution. Their video answers the question “What can Berlin Cameron get you for the holidays?” with an onslaught of guys in yeti costumes, gnomes, dancing, beatboxing and yet more yetis. Although we can’t embed the video, the above photo should give you a pretty good idea of what the New York agency’s card was all about.

“Happy Holidays from Victors & Spoils”

Victors & Spoils holiday card is a very close runner-up for the weirdest of the year. For their card, the Boulder-based agency riffed off a well-known Tim Piper video showing a model airbrushed from reality to disturbing twig-sized magazine image. They reference the original video before showing the same model slowly morphed into a bikini-clad Santa. Watching the process unfold is funny, and more than a little bit strange. It’s not an agency card you’ll soon forget.